DEMIRE INC LTD offers company registration in Lithuania, company dissolution, documents legalisation (apostille), bookkeeping services and also ready made or shelf companies for sale in Lithuania.

Company registration in Lithuania

Company registration in Lithuania consists of several stages. A person who has decided to start up a business in Lithuania should first decide what kind of legal form to choose for his company. Currently, the main forms of business in Lithuania are carried out by private limited companies, public bodies, sole proprietorships and companies with a legal form that has been recently introduced, but has already attracted considerable attention, i.e. small partnerships.
Another important step of the company registration in Lithuania is the need to choose the area of activities and decide on a founder of the company.

Company in Lithuania may be registered independently; however, this usually takes a long time. Meanwhile, company registration in Lithuania through professional advisers ensures that all relevant services will be provided within a shortest possible period.

Fees for non-Lithuanian residents:

  • Sole Trader – 499 EUR;
  • Private limited company– 799 699 EUR;
  • VAT registration – 300 EUR;

Required information:

  1. Company name;
  2. Details of directors and shareholders of company;
  3. Registered office address;

We offer services of registered office addresses in Vilnius, Kaunas, Klaipeda and Visaginas.

  • Vilnius, Kaunas or Klaipeda - 100 EUR per annum;

Our company DEMIRE INC also provides company formation services in many countries around the word. (Europe, Asia and Offshore zones)

Please contact us and we will help you do things professionally and quickly.

UAB registration in Lithuania

One of the most common legal forms of legal entities is private limited company. It is a legal entity with a limited liability, i.e. private limited companies are accountable to creditors only with their assets. This form of business is intended for making a profit from commercial business activities.

It takes 3-5 business days to collect and submit all the required incorporation documents and to set up a private limited company.
Establishment of private limited companies is a simple procedure with the assistance from reliable professionals. When setting up such company by yourselves, you may encounter a number of problems, especially due to some of the documents. However, cooperation with us will help you avoid all worries, because we will do everything for you. You will simply have to sign the incorporation documents and submit information necessary to complete various forms of the Centre of Registers.

Our company DEMIRE INC also offer necessary documents preparation services for residence permit in Lithuania. The easiest and fastest way to acquire a residence permit in Lithuania - it is a Readymade company purchase.

We will prepare all necessary documents to obtain residence permit in Lithuania just for 700 EUR Also we can prepare documents for residence permit renewal for 300 EUR.

For free consultation with our specialists, please contact us via telephone or e-mail.


Readymade company in Lithuania

There are many people who are thinking about starting up their own business in Lithuania; however, various issues force them to question their decision (perhaps a lack of knowledge of the business setup process, fear that this will take a long time, etc.). However, there is a solution. One of the most effective ways to start your own business in Lithuania is to purchase a company. Thus, you can buy a company that has already been established and prepared for operation.

What are the advantages and how does it work?
You will save time, because this is the fastest way to start a business in Lithuania without lengthy procedures. Having purchased a company in Lithuania, you will be able to start your activities in a few days.

You will avoid establishment procedures. You will simply have to fill in several documents. When the established company in Lithuania is transferred, the details about the new owner are submitted to the Centre of Registers. It is important to note that the company may start its activities immediately, despite the fact that the data updating procedure takes a little bit of time. Along with the company the new owner receives registration documents, bank account and seal of the company.
You will cut costs. After all, you can purchase a company in Lithuania with bank account and seal from only EUR 699.

Readymade company package includes bank account, company seal, registered office address service for 1 year and elegant states (Certificate of Registration) from Center of Registers, printed on special paper.

We are offer companies with already existing names; however, it is possible to register a company with your name.

Readymade company in Lithuania with bank account, seal and registered office address for one year - from only EUR 699!

Please feel free to contact us for free consultations on the conditions of selling a company
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Accounting services in Lithuania

For a company to operate effectively, it is important to have enough information about its condition. Accounting information is significant for both the company’s business activities and its external assessment.

Accounting of the company consists of various processes; therefore, given the needs of individual customers, we provide the following packages:

  1. Package for newly established and small company (till 3 employee’s, till 20 invoices per month) – from 80 euro/month;
  2. Package for micro company (till 5 employee’s, till 30 invoices per month) – from 120 euro/month;
  3. Package for mini company (till 10 employee’s, till 90 invoices per month) – from 200 euro/month;

Our services:

  • We will fully manage your company’s accounting in accordance with the source documents;
  • We will submit the required reports to the social security (SODRA);
  • We will provide the required local tax returns (VMI);
  • We will represent your company in the VMI and SODRA.

Discounts apply on the purchase of new companies after the conclusion of an accounting agreement for 1 year.

For free consultation with specialists, please feel free to contact us via telephone or e-mail.


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